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Honouring the most English of pastimes, the ritual of afternoon tea shared with family and friends to celebrate special occasions, or to find indulgent moments every day, can become a cherished habit.

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Roitelet by Herend
The aroma comes to fill the air. Thoughts and happiness are blending in. With a bunch of flowers gathered from the garden in the matching vase, this lovely tea-set brings us a relaxed atmosphere. The two wrens on their branches are exquisitely painted.

Rothschild Birds by Herend
This adorable bird pattern conceals a lovely tale. In the 19th century, Baroness Rothschild lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence. Surprisingly, the necklace was found by her gardener who saw birds playing with it in a tree.
Herend has re-captured this scene with an exquisite touch. The tête-à-tête is painted in the bright colour range of the 1850’s set when first commissioned by Baron de Rothschild. 
Limited edition of 250 pieces.



Granduca by Richard Ginori

Tea leaves dancing in boiling water, aromatic scents filling the air… and thoughts of happiness blending in. When red maple leaves covered the stone path in the garden, we were delighted to present this exceptional tea set in the middle of extraordinary scenery. This graceful set by Richard Ginori is inspired by the famous Chinese export porcelain of the late 17th century with its warm pinks to purples which harmonise perfectly with the colours of the season.
Plumes des Chapeaux
Plumes by Herend
Feathers have been used throughout human history to bestow elegance and importance on the person wearing them. In Europe feathers have been used for centuries in the  elaborate creation of spectacular hats, lending an air of extravagance and wealth to their owners. The Plumes decoration by Herend is inspired by the colourful feathers of wild birds often brilliantly on show during the hunting season.
Tea Garden by Wedgwood
The finest English china is shown in this collection of four delightful designs taken from the Wedgwood archives featuring
the vibrant colours inspired by the fruits, flora and fauna of nature.


By mail we can forward you more detailed information.

Tea Garden - Raspberry
Tea Garden - Green Tea and Mint
Tea Garden - Ginger and Lemon
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