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Royal Blue Setting

Color is a powerful inspiration.

Applying colors is like words that shape poems, like notes that compose music.

The royal blue is such a color that inspired me to create a sumptuous table for a formal feast.

Hibiscus on bone china

The beautiful trumpet-shaped flower Hibiscus has inspired this gorgeous collection of bone china.


The white porcelain plates were decorated with the Hibiscus and its dancing leaves. All of them have dressed up in bleu with a delicate golden silhouette.

The saltcellar is such an exquisite cut glass that one can hardly neglect when approaching to this table.

And when it comes to the cutlery, we have chosen something with a fine hammered ornament.

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Plates Hibiscus

Gorgeous Cut Glass


Here we have three incredibly cut glasses within one who has a touch of royal blue. One can drink with bleu port glass in either side.

The making of cut glass is a pure art of gesture. Each line demandes the precise and acurate movement in the hand of the glass maker. 

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Port Glass

For a fine wine

Sometimes, before enjoying the champagne, the bucket has already told the taste.

We selected a champagne bucket with two gorgeous lion head handles, which imply a symbol of royalty and bravery for thousands of years.

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Bucket with lion head

Elegance of wine decante


Wine should be decanted into stylish clear glass creation. The curves of the body and handle draw the outline of an elegant taste. This beautiful creation does intrigues people to have a glass of a fine wine.

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Bucket with lion head

Royal blue Feast


A silver nine-light candelabra creates a magnificent centerpiece and it also adds height and scale to the table. 

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